When did you start shooting?

Our first formal wedding assignment came up in 2012, however we have been shooting since around 2005 first as a hobby, then as serious amateurs, and so on!

What all do you shoot? What do you enjoy the most?

We shoot Weddings, Stage Events, Parties, Fashion, Maternity, Kids, and so on and so forth! When we are not busy with our shoots, or editing, or managing post productions we love to get to the streets and do our bit of travel photography. Manmeet loves doing street photography, and brings that beautifully to his wedding assignments. Prashant is a passionate Social Documentary photographer and it reflects in his set of photographs.

Who started KJP?

Prashant Bhardwaj, and Manmeet Singh started KJP. Prashant is now based out of Sydney, and Manmeet in New Delhi.

Who all are a part of the core team?

Manmeet and Prashant continue to be the key photographers, and take over administrative activities as and when required. They get amazing support from some key photographers who work regularly with Knot Just Pictures.  Munish Kaushik, is one of our go-t0 guys when we are stuck anywhere. Technically sound, a senior program manager with IBM, a humble human being, and an accomplished bird photographer is what Munish is.

We like to keep our team small, and effective. Yogesh Sharma, and Ruby Singh are two brilliantly talented photographers who you would see most often with the KJP team along with Prashant and Manmeet.

What are your standard deliverables for a wedding assignment?

For still photography assignments, here is a list of what we usually include in our package

  • Complete coverage of all events/ceremonies by a traditional and candid photographer
  • Handpicked edited small (good for online sharing)  and large size (good for prints in future) photographs
  • Printed Albums on top quality matte finish Royal Velvet Paper. Usual size is 12X18 inches with 50 leaves and good for 250 photographs

* We do not recommend more than 50 leaves in one printed album to keep the quality high. More that 50 leaves is usually too thick, and we need to change paper quality to accommodate

* Anything above 250 photographs looks a bit cluttered, and we really recommend staying within this limit. However if you cannot get to that number, please stay as close as possible. In any case, we would not print more than 275 photos on our standard albums.

Do we get all the photographs from the event?

Yes! As an unedited backup in addition to the edited photographs as mentioned above. We usually transfer content to a hard drive you give us, however if you need us to buy a drive for you, let us know!

What is the minimum number of photographs that you deliver?

  • Engagements/Receptions and Pre-Wedding Ceremonies : About 150 handpicked edited photographs and as many traditional photographs as taken
  • Wedding Day : About 400 handpicked edited photographs and as many traditional photographs as taken

Can we ask for additional edits?

We usually don’t edit by the number, and get you everything that we feel is worth it. We need you to trust us that we have given you the best of the lot.

For how long do you keep backups with you?

6 months after we have handed over a copy to you. Post that we are not able to get you any backups from your event

Do you get your albums designed from outside KJP? Who are your delivery partners?

Yes, we have a few partners who make album designs for us. Kodak Collections has been one of our favorites, and all of our clients who got Kodak Coffee Table books have loved them too.

What about traditional photography? or the stage photography?

Traditional and Stage Photography is covered in our packages. There are times when some clients hire their own traditional stage photographers, however we recommend that there should be just one team doing the entire coverage. It just saves us from trying to make the other photographers of how their lights and positions are bothering us. Our team knows us, and we compliment each other beautifully!

Do you do videos too?

Yes, and we absolutely love them! Our experienced video team is  accompanied by a creative director to ensure we make the most of what we get. We do interviews, we find beautiful spots, we hunt for the best moments and what not! Check this link out for more on our videos.

And traditional videos? The 2 hour videos from weddings etc

Not our favorite topic to discuss, as our skill lies in bundling the best moments from a wedding into a brilliantly edited 30 minute wedding movie. However we ensure that performances (during ceremonies like Sangeet, cocktail etc.) are shot in full with dedicated cameras for the event. In case you are looking for a long 120 minute wedding “video”, and not a wedding “movie” let us know, and we would see what we can do for you.

We initially stayed away from doing those, however realized that a lot of videographers just bring in their halogens and untrained staff, and mess up our entire lights, and skill! This has practically forced us into putting our own teams on ground to include the long videos too!

Are you capable of Aerial/Underwater shoots?

Our Phantom DJI and Go Pros help us with that when needed. Basically if you want it, we can do it! 🙂

How many photographers/cameramen are assigned to an event?

If we are engaged for only still photography, you can expect a minimum of two photographers covering the events, one to ensure traditional photography is taken care of, the other who acts as our “candid photographer”. The way we see it, one of us would be ensuring your ceremonies are covered well, and our second photographer would be looking for those moments that would make you remember these ceremonies forever.

For shooting videos, we again need two coverage angles and hence two cameramen, along with an assistant. For some weddings, we also engage a dedicated director to build concepts, shoot specific frames as we go through the events!

How long do you take to deliver photographs and videos?

  • First cut of photographs within 4 weeks
  • Final set of all photographs within 8 weeks
  • First cut of wedding movie teaser : 6 weeks
  • Final wedding movie : 8-12 weeks
  • Print Album designs : 3 weeks from the date of final selection of photographs
  • Print Album delivery : 2 weeks from the date of design approval

These are based on our experience so far, however during wedding season we need a few additional weeks because of the workload. We edit the photographs ourselves, and do not outsource this work to ensure you get what you hired us for!

What are your wedding packages like?

Our packages are tailored to suit what you need from us. Pick one or many of the following and we would build a package for you. Click on any of the links below to also see a sample of our work…

  • Pre-Wedding Couple shoot
  • Pre-Wedding Ceremonies (Like Engagements, Sangeet, Cocktails, Mehndi, Haldi)
  • Wedding Day (One side of the family or both)
  • Receptions
  • Post-Wedding Couple Shoot

What equipment do you use?

We are Canon users, however Yogesh is a big Nikon fan and stays away from Canon for his own reasons! Our kit includes Canon 5D Mark 3 bodies, a range of L series lenses, and various third party lens and accessories which we have acquired over years

We have recently bought a couple of Sony Alpha Mirrorless Cameras and are looking forward to use them well 🙂

Do you travel to shoot?

Ofcourse we do! We have been to almost all major cities in India to shoot, not to forget the destination weddings in Goa, Jaipur, and Daman. So if you are looking for Wedding Photographers in Delhi, or Sydney and any other cities/towns of India, you simply need to get us on board.

What are your payment terms?

We have evolved over the last few years with this, and have a simple structure to our payments now. 75% before the shoot starts, 25% after the shoot(at the time of delivery of print albums, complete videos etc.).

Travel and stay arrangements are to be done by the clients, unless we specifically agree to include that in our pricing.

Why should we hire KJP?

You should hire us only and  ONLY if you like the kind of work we do, and not because we are cheaper than a few Wedding Photographers you have talked to, or because someone you know who knew someone has recommended. Once you get to us, take a good look at our work, imagine yourself in our photos, and decide!

Also you should get us to your wedding because we are big enough to handle any event, and small enough to care as if its still our first