Here is the core team of Knot Just Pictures! If you are looking for Lifestyle and Wedding Photographers in Sydney, or India this is where you search should ideally end 🙂

Manmeet Singh (Founder, Photographer, Writer, Keeps it Together)

A creative soul from the word get go. He is not only a skilled photographer, but also a scriptwriter, a producer, a Radio Jockey and a culinary genius. His works in the last decade has been consistently heard on radio and seen on Television.

A graduate from the esteemed Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, Manmeet’s nature of thinking outside the box has brought him various laurels and success. Even though he slept off in the first photography class, his love for photography found its way to him! The spark ignited when his brother gifted him a digital camera, and the passion learnt its way up, experimenting, learning, struggling, acing; burning bright.

The sensitivity of his gentle demeanor, his ability to bond with strangers mixed altogether with the knack of making people laugh make him a great photographer to have on your side. And it wasn’t long before he decided to put all of these strengths to create a brand that reaches out to people and deliver what people want the most: Happiness.

If he isn’t shooting, then you will find him editing. If he is not editing, then you will find him cooking. 🙂

Click here to see Manmeet’s work

Prashant Bhardwaj (Founder, Thinker, The IT Guy, Devil’s Advocate)

Prashant Bhardwaj - Knot Just Pictures

Prashant’s soul lies in shooting for a cause. His need for a camera was driven by his need to do something meaningful with photography, and that really has been his core in Knot Just Pictures too. He looks for moments that matter, moments that you can look at years later and live them again in an instant, moments that would make you believe that life is beautiful 🙂

Prashant has been shooting for over 10 years now, with most of his focus on Travel Photography and Social Documentary. Since 2012 he has been shooting at Knot Just Pictures, and doing his bit (Fund raising, Idea Management, Photographer) for the grassroot initiatives close to his heart.

Prashant has been an active blogger since 2014 and used to write on his very popular blog called “Chai Ki Dukaan”. A science student, a street play script-writer and director, day time IT consultant, web enthusiast, and passionate about Web-enabling small and medium business, Prashant rarely sits idle and is always thinking of new ideas.

He is settled in Sydney actively shooting fashion & lifestyle events and travels to India when the weddings call. His blog and select photography work can be seen here.

Yogesh Sharma (Photographer, Energizer, Always with a Can-Do-Will-Do Attitude)

This True Blue Delhi boy comes with the right package: the earthiness of Old Delhi Charms and the suaveness of a Blues Guitarist. When he strums the right notes, he charms many a hearts. Brides and Bridesmaids included.

Yogesh is an adventure lover and a Sports enthusiast. A runner, swimmer, skater, and an Enfield Biker. He broke into the field of photography when his grandmother gifted him his first camera. She probably realised that the boy clicking all the family photographs may just have the potential to make it into a profession.

An artist with an immense knowledge of music, Yogesh’s current love is Tiger. That’s his pet dog. He is thinking of a name for his camera. When he is not thinking about that, he is busy doing street, fashion and wedding photography. An innate sense of responsibility guides this young man, who wears his heart on his sleeve and humour in his eyes

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